For any inquiries please get in touch:

Mobile: +44 (0)7778 343842

Fibreglass urns

Quantity: 2

Diameter: 75cm

Height: 100cm

Price: £30 each / £50 for the pair 

Metal flower stands

Quantity: 12

Diameter: 22cm

Height: 100cm

Price: £10 each

(Border terrier for scale and not for hire)

Glass vases

Quantity: 10

Diameter: 25cm

Height: 47cm

Price: £5 each

Glass candlesticks

Quantity: 50+

Height: 28cm

Price: £1.50 each

Kilner water dispenser

Quantity: 2

Capacity: 8 litres

Price: £7.50 each

Assorted vintage glass vases

Quantity: 40+

Price: 50p each

Glass milk bottles

Quantity: Medium x 48 / Mini x 100+

Height: 14.5cm / 10.5cm

Price: 50p each

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